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More and more businesses are getting on the Internet every day. With more than 20,000 domains a day being registered on the Internet, you and your company need to GET ONLINE NOW! Simply fill out the forms that follow this introduction screen, and we will have your domain registered within a matter of hours. As soon as you hit "submit" on our forms, ShoqWave Multimedia and our DNR are forwarded a copy of your request and you are added to their database within hours. So instead of paying $49 or $59 to some other hosting company, we will register your domain, and give you a free "Under Construction" page for free - even if you are not a ShoqWave Multimedia client!

Some companies will register your domain for free, but they will list themselves as all of the contacts for your domain - Administration, Billing and Technical. ShoqWave Multimedia will register your domain and you will be the registered owner of your domain. Our name is simply listed in the Technical Contact section of the registration. You and your company are the Billing and Administration contacts. So if you choose to leave ShoqWave Multimedia and move the domain, you may simply put in for a transfer request and move the domain with ease.

You simply can't beat FREE! Should you choose to host your domain with ShoqWave Multimedia, our pricing structure is based around the principle that low prices and superior services are the keys to a profitable relationship. With prices as low as $8/month per domain, ShoqWave Multimedia would love to have you on as a full hosting customer. Once your domain is registered, we can issue you logins and a static IP address within 24 hours in most cases. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. GET ONLINE NOW!

ShoqWave Multimedia does not charge you for its ParkIt! service. We charge as little as $25/year to cover the costs of your new domain name registration for one year. Compared to the average price of $35/year charged by or Network Solutions, you are simply saving by using ShoqWave Multimedia. Check below to see if your domain is available now!

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